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Applicable to SMEs and large companies in the

Construction, production and Hospitality industries.

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You will be able to talk freely and openly about your staffing needs and challenges and learn how we can do it for you.



Receive customized solutions tailored to your staffing needs from our specialists.



Learn about our approach to finding qualified candidates with the right qualifications to help you improve efficiency and performance...

The candidate search or staffing agency and its follow-up have consumed most of your time and disrupted your workflow.

Clearly, the process of hiring qualified personnel can be time-consuming.
You as an employer must advertise vacancies, shortlist potential candidates, and conduct interview processes to identify the best fit for the position.
And it becomes a challenge with the complications that high staff turnover can cause, leading to a high turnover rate…


Costos agregados

al requerir recursos adicionales para manejar el reclutamiento y la capacitación de nuevo personal.

Reducción de la producción

ya que los nuevos empleados no son tan productivos al principio por desconocer procesos, herramientas, etc…

That is why 90% of the companies in the United States hire Staffing Agencies, looking for help to acquire talent quickly, smoothly, and with the guarantee that they are the best in their areas,
and with the guarantee that they are the best in their areas.

This is the precise solution that Solo Solutions Staffing offers you, to help you discover the most accurate, immediate and practical Solutions focused on your need for Qualified Human Talent Acquisition.

There are many reasons to decide to work strategically with Solo Solutions Staffing Experts

Search Optimization

Reduce your human talent hiring process from weeks or even months to days, without compromising accuracy during the qualification process.

Efficient Analysis

We guarantee you that each candidate submitted will be accurately pre-qualified in terms of experience, skills, and availability.

Customized solutions

Find out which solution works best for your staffing needs and use our expertise to find the right fit for your team.

Fast Placement

We can fill same-day applications for immediate onboarding, provide resumes and schedule interviews for more demanding positions.

Contrato de Larga Duración

Cada candidato es entrevistado, examinado, sometido a un test de drogas y firma un acuerdo de empleo de 6-12 meses para asegurar su retención y mínima rotación.a

Flexibilidad del trabajador

Si no estás satisfecho con un trabajador, puedes rescindir de sus servicios y te proporcionamos rápidamente un nuevo trabajador minimizando el impacto en tus operaciones.

Tarifas Competitivas

Disfruta de servicios de primera calidad sin pagar precios elevados por los contratos. Cubrimos gastos como FICA, compensación de trabajadores y procesamiento de nóminas.

Mayor Productividad

Recibe candidatos capacitados de alta calidad humana y profesional que te ayuden a mejorar la eficiencia y el rendimiento de tu empresa, para que crezcas más rápido.

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Find out who leads the High Performance Team Solo Solutions Staff

I'm Sherry Aguero

Director of Operations at Solo Solutions and your personal advisor

Being a part of the growth and development of people and businesses has been the number one motivation in the creation of Solo Solutions.

Having had more than 15 years of experience in Recruiting and Developing people from all parts of the world and seeing companies’ grow and expand, I’ve been on this path from the start. The reason? I love getting people excited and motivated to change the future of their lives and that of their families, as well as watching companies succeed and reach their goals.

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Applicable to SMEs and large companies in the

Construction, production and Hospitality industries.

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